CCA Annual trophies, dinner, quiz... Saturday 23rd March 2019. Add your name and pie choice(s)

Saturday 16th March 9.30am club ride *****Cancelled due to wind*****

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OK, I admit defeat, I think that the jetsteam wind generator or whatever it is has won !!

After last week's wind fest, looks like tomorrow is potentially even worse. 45-50mph gusts with some drizzle thrown in for good measure. Def not a day to be outside on a bike :(

Officially spring in 4 days time, so hopefully summer bikes are just around the corner :) Enjoy the delights of the turbo, see you next week !


  • Good call David, doesn't look pleasant at all tomorrow. Next week's looking a whole lot better though, so hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.

    Ah well, yet more Zwifting it is then...!
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