CCA Annual trophies, dinner, quiz... Saturday 23rd March 2019. Add your name and pie choice(s)

Sunday club run 3rd March 09:00 Three Tunns

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Looks to be a wet day unfortunately but will be over for 9 if you're keen to go


  • Gone from one of the best winter days to storm FREYA.
    Strange unpredictable weather as normal!

    As it stands it’ll be a no for me in heavy rain as I have a gym membership.
    If it changes then for sure will see you over there as I have been travelling all week and no cycling!

  • MCMC
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    Keith if you post up please could you put the time/date and meet location for new riders.
    I normally post up myself but been working away and getting back late Friday night.

    Many thanks

  • I'm with MC... gym for me too
  • Looks like weather is fine today. I had a long sleep after a busy day yesterday so gave it a miss. How you had a good ride
  • It was not too bad Vince. Rain was not too heavy and the wind never started getting strong until after 11. I could not ride on Saturday so I wanted to get out in anycase See you next Sunday perhaps. Have a good week 👍
  • Well done for getting out. We need to stop letting water droplets on forecasts putting us off. It's rarely unpleasant to ride in.
    Hopefully out next Sunday
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