CCA Annual trophies, dinner, quiz... Saturday 23rd March 2019. Add your name and pie choice(s)

8am Saturday 23rd Feb 2019...

how about....

watton-datchworth-bramfield-hertford-ware-wideford-the hadhams-clavering-saffron (bicicletta) (47miles) - littlebury green-chishill lumps-ashwell

68 miles 3400ft


  • Cool. See you at the 3 Tuns Phil. Daniel
  • I would like to join you if I can keep up
  • I'm in....
  • Hello! Passed you in Ashwell, everybody looking a bit tired but also rather skinny. Good work. Will catch you out on the road soon when I’m back up to a bit of fitness!
  • Ooh would have loved to do that route. Anyone got it on GPs? If so please post it or email
  • Great ride today. Andy, Simon, Skelders, myself and route master Phil. Foggy to start off, couldn't really see much. However the sun did burn it all off. The cafe wasn't at exactly the advertised distance but was superb so it didn't matter even less. The only problem was not staying there the rest of the day. Nice to see Will ride past in Ashwell; yes we were tired (well I was). This ride was just what I needed; a bit of road riding and waking my legs up to riding a bit faster. I am fatigued now though. My Garmin has 'following it's own tail' icon swirling round at presnt so who knows if I will be able to send you the route Vince.
  • Great ride.... agree with all Daniel's comments :)
    Good to see u Will, all be it briefly ....
  • In knew that if I turned round and stopped to say hi I probably would have just ended up cycling back home and spending the day on the sofa... sorry not to stop!
  • stats...…

    68 miles (coffee stop =47.62miles)
    17.6mph avg
    3664 ft climbing
    alot of coffee
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