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***CCA PRIMAVERAS APRIL 22nd 2019***

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Hello all!

It’s that time of year again, the primavera is coming up in a couple of months and we need your help! For those of you interested in helping or just coming to watch we’ll be running 2 races this year, exciting times for CCA!

The support race will be a men’s regional B (3/4 and an ERRL event) and run out at around 45 miles starting at 9am, the 2nd race will be the main event. A slightly longer women’s regional A on the same circuit kicking off at 12.30pm.

This year we’ll be based at Great Chishill village hall and using the Elmdon circuit. As usual, we’ll be needing volunteers to help with kitchen duties, putting the signs up, signing on and a few drivers and first aiders to help out. I’ll put up a list of roles to fill nearer the time, but for now, if you’re free and able to help out then mark the date in your diary and leave a note on the thread. Even if you can only make the morning or afternoon, your help is always appreciated.

The club is always hugely grateful for this and over the years the riders have always commented on how friendly and welcoming the atmosphere is at our race. I know it’s a little way off and people don’t know their plans and I also know it’s a bank holiday Monday, but if you do think you’ll be free and willing to help then let me know! It’ll stop me making “that trip” to the barber’s quite so soon... maybe.

Alternatively, if you’re thinking of racing, this is a great one to start with. The entry level road race for men is a good starting point and the women’s race will have a pretty varied field so will be interesting to ride. Sign up and get out on the course in Ashwell blue! We’ve had one CC Ashwell winner (Tom Trimble, a couple of years back), is it time for another?

Huge thanks,



  • It's not a bank holiday on my calendar, it is the week before and week after. Happy to help though on either date.
  • Sorry Dave, my boo boo with the date! Wrote it in the middle of a show last night, brain half off. Have corrected it!
  • Great news on adding the women’s race. Well done.
    Available for both races.. presuming you want me as an accredited marshal for both.
  • Yes please Stef! Do you want to be chief marshal? I think you get a crown and some sort of orb and sceptre.
  • And a bigger bit of cake presumably... sure sign me up.
  • I’ll do most things for cake
  • Sign me up
  • Will, Stef, I'll be there as AM for both races also.
  • Great stuff, thanks chaps!
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    With the races being relocated to a different circuit, we will only be needing accredited marshals, so the regular red flag volunteers have been let off the hook. Although we still need people to help with the driving and various other things.

    Currently I'm trying to get a couple of local Saffron Walden companies to take an interest in sponsoring/providing fancy coffee the races. If anybody has any suggestions for people to contact, please let me know!

    Driver for chief comm: Richard M
    Driver for assist comm:
    Chief Judge:
    Assistant Judge:
    Lead car 1: Andrew R
    Lead car 2:
    Service car: Shelton
    First aid driver:
    First Aid: Adam and Lil S
    Licences/Signing on: Will S
    Licences/Signing on:
    2 Signs:
    3 Signs:
    4 Signs:

    1 Tea/Coffee/Sandwich making:
    2 Tea/Coffee/Sandwich making:

  • Emma and myself are happy to marshal for the Mens race, as Harley intends to race in the Womens. Please note neither of us are accredited. Shelton
  • Sorry did not read the thread, though happy to help if needed.
  • Will,
    Sorry about the silence - I'm planning on riding the men's race (obvs), but provided I'm still physically able, happy to do whatever you think I'd be logistically able to do for the Women's race- I enjoyed doing Lead car 2 last year, but I'd be a bit worried about mental capacity/safety after racing? Happy with whatever you think sensible, though.
  • Happy to drive for both races if needed
  • Thanks Andrew! We’re going to need a judge and assistant judge this year as Mark can’t make the race day. He’s happy to help people with what they'll need to do at some time before the day. A few slow-mo recordings on iPads/iPhones from different angles will help.
  • Hi Gents, looking to do the rr. Is there a map file or strava link for the course? Is it lumpy/rolling or flat course?

    Thanks Damon
  • Hi Damon, it’s a short 8 mile circuit with a hill that doesn't seem like much but after a few laps at pace will probably be a bit grim. Seeing as it's such a short race hopefully it will be fast and furious (and safe).

    It's Elmdon - Crawley End - Chrishall - main road through Wendon Lofts then back up to Elmdon. The finish line is on the road back up to Elmdon from the main road. All left turns, all accredited marshals so fast and safe.
  • Although if we don't get around 12-15 people to help out it won't be happening! Please sign up if you're free and willing. Let me know ASAP
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