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Sunday 10th January Winter Club Run 9:00am @ 3-Tuns

Not icy out tomorrow at all - it’s a westerly wind turning into WNW. 15mph winds which will be breezy but much less than today.
We’ll do Woburn short and come back through Barton.
It’s about 40m / will take steady.

Coffee in tuns after ride.



  • Who’s out by the way so I know who to wait for.

  • I should be out m. c. been struggling with my back again this week , not seen the weather yet but i think its rain if i am not at the tuns will meet you at the bottom of the langford hill. (if you cancel due to weather just post here thx).
  • Strappy - no prob mate. See you at the bottom of the hill. Will let you know if rain stops play here.

  • Sorry, away this weekend.
  • Will be over. Sorry for last week but too much ice on the Ardeley roads so MTB
  • I'm hoping to get out for the morning.........
  • Guys raining in Letchworth - seen the weather rpt and it is heavy rain this morning at 5 degrees.
    I’ll use the gym whilst I have the membership for days like this!

  • ok mate

    c u next week i will pop out for a bit brave the elements will my side of the A1.

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