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Prudential Ride London 2019

Ballot results for this year's Ride London event arrived yesterday - mine was the glossy 'Commiserations' pack; a shame as I hadn't taken part for a few years, and wanted to see how close to four hours I could get, and so was aiming for an early wave start.

Did anyone else apply this year? I'd be keen to apply for a team place if that's a possibility? Stef, have you heard anything about the process of applying this year? I think Simon D may also be looking for a place, so there may well be others...


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    Yes I got the same Commiserations pack - again 🙁

    Definitely interested in a team place too.
  • Commiserations for me again. 7 years in a row!

    But I did it with the club two years ago. Dave, I'd love to see how close we could get to 4 hours too. I think I was 4:29.
  • I'd be up for a team place too
  • Yes same for me .
    If there is a team place available I am interested as these seem to get the early departure that yu need for a quick time

  • Seven years, Brendan - are you sure you're applying to the right ballot, and not the London marathon..?😂
    Great, be good to have someone to work with - I did 4.28 last time, so we should be fairly well matched... I think 4.15 is certainly doable (if I can keep my wheel QRs done up this time!), but with the right group, under 4's not impossible.
    Disappointed not to get in through the ballot, though - an early start is less likely with the team places...
  • Hi. Last year we got the Club challenge team info on 1st March and had until 19th March to apply. I would expect similiar timings this year. Will post if I hear anything.

    I actually have a place. Got it last year in the ballot but couldn't ride so deferred to 2019. Looking forward to it.
  • I got a ballot place. 3rd time I've got a place out of 5 applications. Maybe I should take up the Lottery too! I've completed it 3 times with my best time at 5h 11m so a 4:59 will be my target. I'm more geared to the CX races of 45 mins so will have to up the endurance training on that funny tarmac stuff! Looking forward to it.

    Ref the early start - I think that if everybody in the team predicts a quick time then you will get a reasonably early start. The problem is that most entrants have sussed that you're best to be optimistic about your times and consequently there is a lot of pressure on the early slots.
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    I’ve got my deferred place from last year (as well as London Marathon). May as well swim the Serpentine while I’m at it & get another medal!
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