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Sun 3rd Feb Off road club run

CX season is over so that frees us up for the alternative club run. CX bikes or MTB. Leaving the 3 Tuns at 9am and back into Ashwell for 12.


  • Hi folks, I'm not sure what the club policy is so thought I'd ask, could a non-member tag along for this one? (Ignoring the weather for the moment). I'm a mtber from Luffenhall.
  • Hi Geoff, yes please do you will be very welcome. We always stay together as a group with the pace being set by the slowest, or the rate of punctures...
  • Dan - Is it OK for Thomas to come along?. He's officially a junior now (BC age rules for CX) but only 15. To be fair I've got no issues with him on the road by himself but don't want you to feel you're responsible for him.
  • The route planned is 50km (roughly 60% off road) taking us towards Baldock, around the Greenway, through Hitchin to Pirton and then back again towards the Greenway and back to Ashwell. The pace wont be fast, just steady and fun!
    I am anticipating this will take 2-3hrs but if the going is slow due to snow/mud, we can cut the route short to make sure we are back by 12pm.

    All welcome!
  • Fab thanks looking forward to it
  • Robert - Thomas should be fine as long as he has a well charged phone so he can always call you if necessary. He's done our off-road club runs before so I know he will be able to look after himself.
  • See you all on Sunday. Beds reliability ride may be a bit dodgy in this cold weather so will do the off-road.
  • What road are you heading over from Ashwell on. If you doing the Greenway, are you going via Newnham towards Baldock services then onto Radwell, as i'll meet up enroute.
  • Hi Pauls, we will be coming from Ashwell cross country towards the A507 and then crossing the A507 and going down Norton Mill Lane which goes under the A1 and onto the Greenway. You could meet us on the corner of Norton Mill Lane on the A507 at about 09:30 - 09:40 if that works?
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    Lookng to join the off road experience :)
  • A good turn out for the first off road club run of the year, I think we had 10 in total. Thanks to Ben for planning the route. Hopefully see you all next week.
  • Thomas really enjoyed it - thank you all.
  • Yep, good morning out in the sunshine. Dave, hope your okay after your icy encounter !
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