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Great chishall village hall

Hello CCA!

A little favour please, if there is anybody who lives in great chishall who is a member of the club, could they let themselves be known to me please? We’re looking to book the village hall as the HQ for the Primavera this year as we’re using a circuit that’s over that way. Last year at Orwell it would cost us a grand total of £17 for the hall hire, this year it looks like a non-resident’s booking fee of £110 for the hire.

If there’s a resident of great chishall who would be kind enough to book the for us we could get the resident’s discount.

Drop me a PM or leave a post on this thread if you’re willing to help out.




  • Will keep an ear to the ground will and ask people on the club runs...

    Ps could ask Jess to tweet out ?

  • I think Mark Fraser runs turbo sessions there Will
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