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The BRCC Reliability Rides will be held on Sunday 3rd & 17th Feb 2019

The BRCC Reliability Rides will be held on Sunday 3rd & 17th Feb 2019.
These are good events to do that allows a change in the scenery.
Just stumbled across this - I can’t do the 17th but can do the 3rd.
Anyone interested?



  • 56 Mile Route, 3rd Feb
    Strava route = https://www.strava.com/routes/11794454
    Ride with GPS route = https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26787705

    21 Mile Route, 3rd Feb
    Strava route = https://www.strava.com/routes/7572796
    Ride with GPS route = https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26795154

    Set up or join a group:
    >> 08:30 for those averaging less than 15mph on the 56 mile route
    >> 09:00 for 15 - 17mph on the 56 mile route
    >> 09:30 for everyone else on the 56 mile route
    >> 10:30 for those doing the 21 mile route

    The aim is that we all get back to the clubhouse around the same time for soup and rolls.

    Cost is £4 for BRCC members, £5 for non-members.
    If you can help out on the day would be really appreciated too.

    Actual routes posted nearer the day once roads have been checked for closures etc...
    Any questions, just ask. We are looking forward to riding with you
  • See you there Mc. A bit of a jump from cross but time to build stamina
  • Problem for me is I don't feel my legs are reliable
  • MCMC
    edited January 31
    Gents - lets keep an eye on the weather ;-)
    Keep an eye on snowice.
    If I am out I will do this ride though not the club run.

  • +I envy you all even being able to contemplate a ride.......matss.......know where you are coming from :-)
  • Rather than leaving things to the last minute guys, I’m letting you know that I am out mtbing on Sunday. That’s my plan and will post the CCA club run to say that.
    The off road ride is the alternative road this weekend for those that have the right bike.

  • Mc you are probably right. I was keen to ride the road and build the speed but agree the off road ride Sunday 9am is sensible this time.
    Geoff you'd better get on the rollers In readiness for ITaly. My smart trainer is a revelation. Booked my ride for tomorrow at 7am on Zwift. It's remarkably enjoyable and engaging as well as a good way to train and push yourself.
  • I'm in two minds about the reliability ride......I've done the last three years of these and it's a good early season tester.
    I'm not in any way going to attempt to keep up with the fast boys but I'd be keen if there's a group of CCA riders who were thinking of going?
  • Potentially doing the 17th with a friend for a laugh but it will be the day after I fly so might not. Will post accordingly
  • I've been in two minds about tomorrow's one, given the forecast, but think I will go for it and just wear a million layers. I will be going for the fast one. Allegedly starting around 9.30am - but they seem to have a start-time that's a bit fluid, so will be ready beforehand. Maybe see you there Taff. Nat: good to see your Calpe antics on Strava. Envious.
  • We'd also been thinking about whether or not to do this - given there's not likely to be any more snow or rain, and looking at the forecast for sun tomorrow, I think Dave and I will be there. My aim is to start fast, hang on for as long as possible then be self-sufficient with the route etc once I get dropped. Perfect pre-racing test for the legs.
  • Martin, when you say 'fast' - is this the stuff of summer bikes...? Not done this before...
  • edited February 2
    If like previous times: it’ll be like a gentler, friendlier Road race with the fast group. I’m riding my race bike. The trick is to identify the fast group at the start. There's no official start and it sort of... just happens.

    Just checked back: Last year, I stayed with the fast group on this route, 15 of us @ 20.3mph. Jenny: you'll hold on no probs... if we can find the fast group at the start.
  • Sorry won't be there - not a chance! Really hope goes well. Does look fun.
  • Mtb racing have a good one ;-)

  • I'm planning to be out for this on my race bike and trying to hang on with the fast riders. What time is everybody thinking of getting there for?

    I'll ride from Biggleswade though i'll have to go via Stanford due to the road closure in Broom.
  • Hi Alistair

    I'm aiming to meet Alastair R at 8.15am at Beds Road clubhouse. The word is the Beds Road race team are setting off around 9am, but the 'official' start for the faster riders is 8.30am. So, getting there 8.15am to be a bit more sure of things.

    See you there.

  • Good luck today. Sounds like it will be a fast tester for le tour de M
  • Well that was fun and fast. I lasted about 40Km for an hour with the fast boys which I assume the majority were cat 2 racers.

    I also appeared to have made a detour to and added a bit of extra distance, somehow!

    All in I did 107.2Km/66.6 miles taking 3 hours and 20 minutes averaging 32Kmph/19.8mph which i'm pleased with as once I lost the fast group there was no trains.

    Good day out and good to meet you Martin and Alastair.
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