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Sunday 27th January Winter Club Run 9:00am @ 3-Tuns (bacon sandwich)

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Got the route - cracker over to borne for bacon sandwiches and coffee.
It’ll be a 50 but worth it. That great cafe is back open again!

Let me know who is up for it... of course those not wanting bacon can stick to cake.
Weather looks cloudy in the morn first thing and then brightening up nicely.
Wind is a breezy NW at 21. This works for us as it will be a slow out and then an absolute flyer coming into Borne as we’ll be heading back from the West.
Temp 4 to start so not the -5 like last week brrrrr



  • mc

    I will be there see you @ 9

  • Coming over from Ardeley for 9. The Strong winds not due until 1300
    See U in the Morning
  • Sorry. Cant make tomorrow as overseas. Shame? Would have liked a bacon sandwich. At least I won’t slow you down this week. Have fun.
  • Great ride today, especially the bacon butty at the Maringa Tree
  • Yep great ride and a very tough ride due to the winds!
  • Yes good route - ps the borne cafe was closed for everyone’s info.
    That said we rolled in a few more miles to the cafe in hasslingfield.
    Bacon butty was spot on with a brew.

  • cheers all a great training ride ,

    And yes brutal winds made it a hard one but finished on 72 mls @ 16 ave see you all next week.

    Note to all do not try get to through the road works over jordens mill bridge its a struggle i think its closed for 1 month.
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