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Snetterton CX results and report

This weekend’s race was held at Snetterton, famous for its market, race track and World Horse Welfare which was where our race was taking place. It’s my 3rd time to Snetterton and with it being so close to the end of the season its normally been home to my best results. I went out for an hour on Saturday and was feeling fresh and strong so was taking loads of confidence into this race. I get some practice laps in & the hurdles had been moved from their regular position and were quite close to the start, according to Dave it was carnage in the V50 race and there was a crash in the Women’s race, it could be mind games, its definitely worked and I’m now starting to feel nervous. On the plus side I’ve had 4 strong back to back results so I’m called up to the grid ahead of a league rival and only one place behind Dave. After some mocking of my attire and talk of a club fine from Dave we get into the zone waiting for the start whistle. I’ve talked through the start with Ben and have a plan of action but I don’t have a great start and Dave gets a good lead over me. I settle into the rhythm and manage to reign him in on the first lap. I have another strong second lap but then I lose a bit of confidence when my front wheel washes out on a slippery corner. Lap 3 doesn’t go so well and Dave along with several other riders get past me and open up a gap. I’m spurred on by the support from V50’s CCA regulars and start to think I can give more, eventually I get back past Dave and after putting in a big effort I get a gap that I think can hold. (Since winning the club champs and securing the DJH challenge Dave has lost some of his mojo). I carry on putting in the effort, trying to sprint out of corners and going for it on the short climbs but I’m surprised to find myself way down compared to my previous 4 races. 32nd out of 59 isn’t good enough to get ahead of my league rival. I’m disappointed with my result but have no idea why I’ve had a poor race. Beating Dave is always nice but I’m still not happy. Off to Cambridge next week for the last race of the season. If I can beat Dave again it will be three wins on the trot and will make the final standing 8-6 which sounds a lot better than 9-5.

Full results
Anna F 17th
Emma P 19th
Stevie W 22nd

Vince F 26th
Pete D 29th
Mark W 32nd
Daniel D 40th
Richard L 44th

Iain F 20th
Ben R 21st
Dan H 32nd
Dave H 35th


  • Stevie W sacrificed her own race by stopping to help two injured riders who fell heavily in the crash soon after the start of the women's race.
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