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TrainerRoad - free month's subscription

I have 2 x one month subscriptions for TrainerRoad to give away. I use TrainerRoad with all my clients as it's such an effective training tool. If you want one of the subscriptions let me know.

Note: you'll need a smart turbo or a power meter to use it.

Mark F



  • hi Mark, am interested in trying it out. Wil it work OK with a Watt Bike?
  • edited November 2018
    Hi Stuart - yes, it will recognise your Wattbike’s ANT+ signal as if it was a power meter (I have a triathlete client who does exactly that). You obviously won’t be able to use Erg mode with the Wattbike though which is one of the things which makes TR so effective. However, you also have a Tacx Flow I think? TR works very well with that in Erg mode: the ideal set-up is for TR to take the power signal from your power meter and to control the resistance of the smart turbo (TR calls it “power matching”). So, you get the accuracy of your power meter with the wireless resistance control of the smart turbo. Perhaps that sounds complicated but it works very easily and automatically.

    You need to run TR on something which will receive the ANT+ signal from your Wattbike of course: phone, tablet, PC or Mac - it doesn’t matter which as long as it uses ANT+. You don’t need a live Internet connection to use TR, btw, like you do with Zwift.

    I’ll send you a link for the free month’s TR subscription and I’ll add you to my private Full Moo “team area” of TR where you can access my custom workouts too.
  • Can you whisper me your current email address pls Stuart? I only have Jackie’s address, not yours.
  • Both have now been taken.
  • To anyone interested, I too now have a free 1 month TR subscription to give away - if I read this correctly it seems I can give away as many as are interested ("You have one (1) free month to share with friends and fellow cyclists"). Needs your name, e-mail address and (probably) that you sign in blood with your credit card details so you pay after the free month expires. PM me your details if you're interested and I'll set it up for you.
  • Seems my linguistic pedantry proved too much of a stretch and there was only one TR subscription on offer, now taken. :-)
  • I'd give it a go though as a visualiser I do enjoy swift.
  • Sorry Vince, The offer instructions weren't clear and there was only one trial on offer, which has now gone. If I get another I'll let you know.
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