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2019 Time Trial- Coordination

Thus far no one has come forward to take over from JMac to lead the TT in 2019. There is a need to identify a committee lead for the TT in 2019 supported by those who enjoy taking part in the TT.

At this stage if no one comes forward then CCA will not be running a 2019 TT program.


  • This is really sad, come on guys! There must be somebody who rides the time trials who would be interested in helping the club out. It would be a real shame to lose these events. I would step up but unfortunately I work in the evenings so can’t take this on. I think I only made it down to 2 TTs this year and none the year before...
  • At the last 10 a couple of people said they would be happy to help run them as a joint group myself and Jackie, Andy Nunn and Malcolm I think. The N&DCA are possibly changing format anyway and will be run by a centralised body so it is really the I/C' s that are outstanding.
  • Hi Jess,
    Yes, seconding Stuart's post. I had in mind that we run the Wednesday night TT series as a co-operative and Stuart and I compared notes at the I/C 10, so we're on the same page. Apologies for not responding earlier, but, hey, the season is only 5 months away! :-) If we can arrange some kind of handover with @JMac in the New Year, that would be good. But I wasn't planning on assisting with the I/Cs...
  • Hi Stuart,
    I PMd you on Monday. Can you let me know please if you didn't receive my message? Thanks. A
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