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Late Night Roller Disco Starts 8th October...

As per the last couple of winters, a Monday evening roller / turbo session will be taking place at the URC hall, Ashwell - 8:30pm - 9:30pm.

Hoping to mix it up a little more this year with new videos, new pumping choons and maybe some instructor lead sessions.

The perfect way to keep moving this winter and great training for CX'ers, winter crit racers and generally those looking to build power throughout the off season.

£2 a go.. well worth it to experience Martin's mix tape alone... requests welcome!

Just bring your bike and rollers (or turbo). A bottle of water and a towel is advisable....don't forget your dancing shoes!


  • I have 1 spare turbo that I plan to donate to the disco cause for any keen to try the magic that is the URC roller disco !!!
  • Get your dancing cleats on and get on down to Ashwell URC hall tomorrow night.

    Pumping choons, check.
    Low lighting, check.
    Crazy intervals, check

    This is the backbone to your winter training. Bring your bike, rollers or turbo and £2. Don't forget ya towel.

    See u at 8:30
  • Are we on for tonight ?
  • Yes. Rollers/Turbo disco - every Monday - throughout winter. 8.30-9.30pm. £2.

    All: It might seem a faff to get down to the Ashwell URC and set-up what you can do in your garage or wherever instead. But I guarantee you will workout harder and it's more fun to ride nowhere with others to loud music.
  • Yep, more spinning action tonight usb stick with Sufferfest vids recovered from the kids toy box..
  • Record turnout last week. 9 I think... more of the same this week.... spiral intervals I reckon... Av it!

    All welcome, URC church hall 8:30 pm we start to roll. £2
  • Hi Matt,
    Can’t do tonight, but will be there next week.
  • The 8.30-9.30pm roller/turbo discos have been going well so far. Pop up and see you there tonight: every Monday throughout winter, £2, Ashwell URC hall.
  • edited December 2018
    A reminder to all that these sessions continue all through winter. Come along and have a go, we also now have a temporary turbo (courtesy of Jess) at the hall if anywone wants to come along without rollers or turbo.

    Next week (17th) is our last session of 2018. We are treating ourselves with a shorter session (Aussie Chain gang 45 mins) aiming to start a fraction earlier @8:15, followed by a Christmas eggnog at the Tuns from 9 ish...

    We will reconvene on Monday 7th Jan

    Keeeeep Spinning!
  • Roller Disco ! Are we back to 8.30 ko tonight ?
  • Yes Paul. See ya there.

    Come on down everyone.

    8.30pm. 1hr. £2. All welcome. Bring rollers or your turbo. A one hour blast that will make you work harder than if you're on your own: guaranteed.

    Ashwell URC church hall. Park anywhere near the Three Tuns.

    The sessions will run every week through til Spring.
  • Are we all good for rollers tonight?

    We don't want another Lycra in a dark graveyard rendezvous do we Matt....!
  • Yep Paul. It's always on. That cancelled night the other week was a rare thing.

    All welcome for the rollers/turbo burn-up. 8.30-9.30pm. Ashwell URC hall, near the Three Tuns. £2.

    Nice to see the Youth there last week.
  • I was looking forward to it Paul
  • Penultimate session tomorrow night! Grab those last few pre season / early season high cadence miles.

    Last week is 18th March. Maybe we'll try to Start earlier and head to pub for group pint. Can discuss tomorrow....
  • This coming Monday (18th) will be the last rollers of the winter season. We will start at 8:15 and have a shorter 45 mins session til 9. Afterwhich it's a lager shandy and bacon fries at the Rose and Crown to toast the end of the 5 months of indoor training.... summer's round the corner... TTs, Crits, Sportives and road races await.

    See u Monday
  • Reminder: This Monday is last session of the winter. 8:15 start all done by 9:00. Celebratory Bacon Fries 9:05.

    Aussie chain gang with Aussie 's finest Sheila, Kylie on vocals! G'day sports.
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