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Kit stock, jerseys and bib shorts back in stock.

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winter bib tights L x2, £57.52

Race suit s/s M x 2, L x 2 £74.49

Club Jersey S x 1 £54.44

Aero jersey 1/2 zip S x 1 £44.10

s/s Skin suit M x 1 £68.32


Bib short S x 1, M x 1, L x 1, XXL x 2 £58

L/S jersey S x 1, M x 1, XL x 1 £48.50

Club jersey S x 3, M x 3, L x 1 £48

Rain jacket (Packable) M x 1, XL x 1 £47

Gilet S x 1 £45

L/S Skin suit XL x 1 £70


Bibshorts S x 1, XXL x 1 £53

Shorts S x 1 £39

L/S Jersey S x 1, L x 1 £48.50

Gilet S x 1, £45

S/S Jersey XS x 1, S x 1 £44


Bib shorts S x 1 £56

Skinsuit L x 2 £68

Racesuit M x 1, L x 1 £75


Endura Leg Warmers S/M x 4, L/XL x 1 £22

TMG Leg warmers S x 1, L x 1 £23.59

Endura arm warmers S x 1, M x 1 £19

Overshoes 1 size x 1 £12.50

Snoods 1 size x 3 £11

Caps L/XL x 8 £12.50

Mitts M x 2 £22

Mudguards x 4 £16


  • Kit is going quick, updated stock numbers above.

    Maybe you want to buy Dave some new kit for his birthday or stack up with some new gear before your trip to the Pyrenees?

    I'm around Sun AM for those that can't get into Ashwell midweek.
  • Quantities updated. Kit will be at Ashwell grass track tomorrow from 8ish.
  • Just a reminder that kit will be available after the club 10 tonight, Guilden Morden village hall (SG8 0JF) from around 7:40.
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    I'll be riding the club 10 next week but if anyone needs anything let me know and I'll bring a backpack over. I'll be around this weekend if anyone wants to try some kit for size
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    Kit will be available this week at the following places: Monday night grass track from 8:30.
    Limited collection by special request on Wed night after the club 10 from 7:45 or if you already know what you want and can pay by BACS you can then collect from my car port at a time that suits you.
  • Kit is back from holiday and ready for collection. I'm around this weekend and will take kit along to grass track on Monday. I still have winter tights in all sizes and some arm and leg warmers.
  • Hi Dan, if you still have the small skin suit we'll come over to grass track tomorrow night.
    Thanks, Neil
  • dan
    will you be at the tuns tonight to take orders etc ?.
  • Yep, aiming to get there just after 9
  • cheers dan c u. there.
  • My 4-year-old is after some cycling kit... Are there any small kids CCA tops anywhere??
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    Hi Matt, Sallie looks after the kids kit. I'll check to see what stock there is this Thursday.
  • Hi Dan, Is the above stock still correct? I'm after a M SS Jersey and bibshorts combo plus a cap.
    Can get into Ashwell midweek evening to collect, let me know what suits you best.
  • All in stock. Sent you a pm.
  • I have some samples of various Endura jackets and if there is enough interest I will put in a winter order. I'll bring the kit along to club night so you can try them out. We need to order a total of 15 items to make this work. If you want winter kit please do your best to get to club night.
  • Hi Dan
    Do you still have medium winter TMG tights? If so, could you put one on reserve for me - I can't make Tuesday night though due to work, but can pick up from you when convenient. Many thanks.
  • Hi Iain, yes in stock. Sent you a pm.
  • dan

    will you be at the tuns or is it closed .

  • Bushel and strike instead.
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    I'm planning to place a new Endura order at the end of next week so please let me know ASAP if you want any kit ordered.

    We have reached the MoQ needed to get a Winter Jacket (£120) and a Roubaix jacket (£62.70) order in but we are short on the MoQ needed for the following items:

    World tour race jersey £79.50 need 1 more order. It's a very nice top and makes you go faster.

    Women's World tour race jersey £79.50. Need 2 more orders. See above

    World tour S/S classics jacket with arm warmers (Gabba alternative) £131 need 2 more orders. A Christmas treat perhaps?

    Premium bib shorts £76.40. Need 2 more orders. For those long days in the saddle.

    I have samples of all the jackets so if you want to try for size send me a PM and we can arrange a suitable time.

    There's also all the usual clothing available to order but all subject to reaching an MoQ of 3 pieces. Let me know if you want anything that's not in this list and if there's enough interest from other members we can get it ordered.

  • I'd like to promote the World tour race jersey £79.50...

    I tried on the sample - which is in fact the same top that the Movistar pro team use. Carmelo and I thought it was a great fit, similar to TMG. And with the promise of a bit more durability. and I'd say maybe more accessible pockets. It's also slippy enough to find a few free watts when it counts. Message Dan and go for it!
  • I agree with Martin - the WT jersey was well nice, a good racy fit, looks great, perfect length and nice fast material.

    Currently if no other ladies are interested I will be forced into a none ideal men's one or more likely will have to miss out - both of these scenarios happen too often for the ladies as we fail to meet the minimum order of 3 (which personally I disagree with if the men's equivalent is being ordered at the same time).

    Any other ladies interested?
  • I'm interested in the WT jersey - are there any samples to try on for sizing? Also, if we need three women's jerseys, do they all have to be the same size?
  • Hi Jenny, sorry I just have one sample of the jersey and thats a male size M. I can try and get another sample.
    Re. sizing they can vary, we don't need the 3 to be the same size.
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    I have one order for standard bib shorts (£62.00), anyone else interested?

    I know summer is a long way off but its worth thinking about kit for next season, although the MoQ is only 15 pieces I'm not planning on putting any items in stock so this is probably your best chance to get some new kit. Plus with all the winter jackets bumping up the order value this means we get a bigger discount. The full discount is being passed onto to members so order now for the best price. The prices quoted above are based on 5% but we are very close to the order value needed for a 10% discount.

    So speak to the kids, other half's etc and tell them that you're fed up with getting soap on a rope and other boring Xmas presents and that all you really want is a load of new flash cycling gear.

  • Hi Dan, Are there any bib tights in stock? Or is there enough interest for an order? Unfortunately I am unsure of size, as I don't have any existing CCA shorts to compare with. Where can I find out size information?
  • Thanks Dan, don't worry about getting hold of a sample, there's a good sizing guide on the Endurance website https://www.endurasport.com/support/sizing/

    I'll probably get one, just need to decide which size. So one more lady...c'mon, you know you'll be jealous once they arrive and we see the men in their fancy new kit!
  • Hi Brendan, yes, 1 x M and 1 x L in stock. The stock list above is always kept up to date. Sent you a PM
  • Dan, I am going to need some new kit after my crash. The endura premium bib shorts sound good as I do a lot of long distance. M I guess. Likewise the WT top sounds the business. No longer sure of sizing since losing 2 stone. I'm down to a 30/32 waist, no belly and probably a 38 chest. Some advice would be appreciated.
  • Geoff - I have a WT jersey and small fits me perfectly. Reckon a medium would fit you. The WT jersey is good quality and still does the job after 3 seasons of use. It is skin tight so you need to be comfortable with that.
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